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Medical Benefits:

  • Better sleep improves your overall health

  • Helps improve insomnia as well as other sleep disorders and sleep problems like Sleep Apnea.

  • Research has shown that hospital patients that wear ear plugs heal faster by getting better sleep in the hospital

  • Helps keep dirt out of the ears and helps to prevent ear infections

  • What’s bad for your ears may also be bad for your heart. According to a new study, people who work in noisy places for at least a year ​and a half could have triple risk of a serious heart problem compared to those who work in quiet environments.

  • Helps prevent hearing loss in excessive noise environments 

  • They stay on. Won’t fall off and is OSHA compliant in workplaces up to 112dbs. Will help save hearing loss.

  • Helps prevent swimmers ear. Great for swimming. (Ears must be dry when applied and ear canal must be completely covered by the ear muffer ear plug before going into water)

  • EarMuffers® ear plugs have been found is some cases to improve certain physical stuttering disabilities


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