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I was asked to review a new product called EarMuffers®, and provide an evaluation.  As a physician that has focused on infectious disease and also one who is subjected to the sleep disturbances of my husband’s snoring, I was very interested in conducting this review.

For years, I have used ear plugs each night, as I suspect many are forced to do to alleviate the results of a snoring partner.  One of the first conclusions made after a number of nights usage was the comfort of the EarMuffers® versus ear plugs.  There is a certain level of discomfort that one gets used to with the usage ear plugs, and that issue was eliminated with the EarMuffers®.  I found myself falling fast asleep with the greater comfort of the EarMuffers®.

A second advantage was the noise reduction of my husband’s snoring.  With ear plugs, while his snoring was mostly muffled, I could still hear his snoring.  With the EarMuffers®, I am pleased to announce that my nights were completely quiet, with my husband’s snoring completely muffled.  The level and quality of my sleep each night has been greatly enhanced.  What many people take for granted, a good night’s rest, I now have, thanks exclusively to the EarMuffers® product.  This product has literally changed my life.

Another important consideration pertaining to EarMuffers® is the elimination of complications that come with inserting objects into the external auditory canal.  Again, with the use of ear plugs, I would periodically have ear infections, or contend with buildup of ear wax as a result of using ear plugs, pushing wax deeper into the auditory canal.  This whole health issue is eliminated with the use of EarMuffers®.

In conclusion, EarMuffers® is a product that will completely change many lives for the better.  I could not endorse a product more!  EarMuffers® is a simple solution to a very important problem.

    –Nadia Duffy, MD, MPH


As a health professional, I participated many times in crisis and disaster health missions that were undertaken under the most extreme conditions.  These circumstances warrant the use of products to facilitate the optimum utilization of human resources engaged in such crisis events.

I have reviewed one such product, called the EarMuffers®.  The value of the EarMuffers® in aiding relief workers in obtaining some level of proper rest in disaster/crisis zones is significant.  The EarMuffers® provides maximum soundproofing, unlike any product I have used in prior disasters.

I highly recommend the EarMuffers® for use in any disaster/crisis that congregates people in confined spaces.

Another benefit of the EarMuffers® is the reduction of introducing agents that could cause infection within the ear canal.  Once again, during disaster/crisis events, the prevalence of disease is significant, and any method to reduce the exposure to infection is highly desired.  Using the EarMuffers® eliminates the invasive usage of products, i.e. ear plugs, that can introduce infection causing agents to the ear canal.

I fully endorse EarMuffers® for every conceivable use, from disaster/crisis events, to hospital use for patients striving for a night’s rest, to the daily use of contending with a snoring partner.

    –Georgy M Grizhebovskiy, MD, DrSc


The benefit of using EarMuffers® for me has been twofold: I find the outer ear design provides an innovative and comfortable way of dampening sound without the feeling of actually having something in my ear.  Additionally, as someone who stutters, I discovered that by using EarMuffers® I am able to hear myself internally. Using this product makes it easier for me to concentrate on my words and own voice without the added distractions that previously affected my fluency. I am pleased to recommend EarMuffers® to anyone who’s struggled with stuttering or simply just needs a good night sleep!

    –Jordan Shane



"They really work, Grammy!" These were the first words from my 11 year old grandson's mouth after he wore EarMuffers into our swimming pool for the first time. Ryan loves swimming in our backyard pool and loves being constantly under water, but he always complained about his ears being clogged with water for hours afterwards. He doesn't like wearing traditional earplugs because he finds them too uncomfortable, so I talked him into trying EarMuffers. He was thrilled with the results. They are so easy for him to apply, so comfortable to wear, and they remain intact even after hours of swimming. No more clogged ears or swimmer's ear for him. Thanks to EarMuffers my grandson is a happy little swimmers. What a great aid for anyone who loves to swim and experiences problems with water in the ears.


Linda Schmidt

​Pittsburgh, PA 

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